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Comes complete with all the special props you require, plus two knockout handling's.

Handling one
The spectator is requested to name a number between 1 and 52.  The magician then removes a deck of cards and counts down to their freely chosen number and turns the card over...he removes a card from an envelope that has been in plain sight the entire time and the two cards are the same!

Handling two
It gets no cleaner than this. A playing card is laid face down on a spectators hand. (no envelope) The spectator names any number from 1 to 52. The deck is removed from the card case. You deal the cards face up one at a time, finally arriving at the chosen number. It's hard to believe, they turn the card over in their hand. I think you have guessed the rest.

  • Instant reset
  • Only one deck
  • No memory work
  • No multiple numbers to learn
  • Always deal the deck the same way
  • Only one envelope
  • Only one card in version two
  • No switch of any kind

No adding jokers

You receive
The brilliant gimmick
Online Instructional Video


A Mark Mason product

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name X-act
SKU 02-3505

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