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Imagine! Take an ordinary looking piece of wire and dip it into a hot liquid. The wire instantly forms a shape which reveals a previously selected card or other messages. Any heat source such as a candle flame, lighter, or steam will usually work. Heat should be applied as evenly as possible. 

A popular effect that can be done with a Wiregram: A card is selected and returned to the deck. A twisted piece of wire is shown and then placed into a candle flame. Slowly the wire forms itself into the shape of the card selected such as the AD (Ace of Diamonds), 3S (Three of Spades), etc. Very visual and easy to do.

Each one is different. If needing a specific card please let us know in the comments.


PLEASE NOTE: Wiregrams are a sophisticated illusion and not a toy. Magicians use only, inappropriate for children under the age of 16.

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Additional Information

Name Wiregrams
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