Wifey Duties Violation

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Wifey Duties Violation


This is a Federal Case, You Must Respond!
The undersigned Plaintiff hereby summons the violator on this _____ day of 20______
To answer the charges in this affidavit.

Wife has committed the following grievous offenses:
____Nags Hates the cellulite word
____Hates my friends
____Headaches at bedtime
____Two hours to get ready
____Controlling everything
____Snores but denies it
____Aggressive PMS Syndrome
____Dog hates her
____Do you love me? Drama
____ Passes quiet gas
____Picks up after me too quickly
____Watches cartoons
____No Habla" Budget
___ _urned kids against me
____Sold my golf clubs
____Has 20+ personalities
____Knows everything
____I told you so (hourly)
____Her cat sleeps in my bed space
____Hair color gives me headaches
Mandatory Penalty____ 
Signed & Attested_____

To be fair you really should also get the Husbandry Violations 

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Wifey Duties Violation
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