Visible Card Change

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Visible Card Change


Visible card change is a visual card effect that is easy to use even when you have no card technique or skill. 

Here a just a few tricks you can do with the Visible Card Trick set!

Basic Effect: A card visibly changes into another. It looks like a video special effect!

Magic Writing: A spectator selects a card and signs it. Then the magician "loses" the card in the deck. When the magician shows the chosen card in the see-thru card-holder, it is missing the signature. Then the writing visibly appears on a card.

Shrinking card: A full-size card is placed into a see-thru card holder and visibly shrinks into a miniature version of itself.

Topsy-Turvy Card: A card back visibly changes to a card face.

The Vanishing or Appearing Card: A card visibly vanished or appears while contained within a transparent envelope.


 Anytime when spectators see this trick, they would shout the same word: WOW!!.

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Additional Information

Name Visible Card Change
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