Vanishing Miller Lite Bottle

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Vanishing Miller Lite Bottle


The vanishing bottle is a great effect to add to any magic show.

Effect: The magician takes the Miller Lite bottle and places the bottle into a paper bag. Giving a wave of the hand the magician says, "The bottle has now vanished." Then gives the bag another wave, removes the bottle and states, "The bottle has now returned. You all look unimpressed."  Then the magician then places the bottle back into the bag and gives it wave. "The bottle has vanished. See?" This time the magician turns the bag upside down still holding onto the bag. "Oh is it because I am holding onto the bag?" This time the magician puts his hand inside the bag while the bag is upside down. "I will bring it back now." turn the bag over and pull the bottle out. people look unimpressed. The magician crunches the paper bag that is supposed to have a bottle inside. Throwing the bag off stage the magician says, "Yeah, I don't get that one either." Everyone is amazed at the illusion. 


  • 1 Miller Lite Bottle
  • 1 set of Vynl labels
  • Instructions
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Additional Information

Name Vanishing Miller Lite Bottle
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