Vanishing Hanky Jr

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Vanishing Hanky Jr


One of the most versatile tools in magic that almost every magician starts with. A great first trick teaching the idea of sleight of hand. 

You can do many types of magic tricks:

How to make Dough- Have someone pass you a bread roll. Break a hole in the crust and produce a dollar bill.

Silk Vanish- Make you silk vanish from sight and show your hands are empty

Coin Production- Start with your hands empty and produce a coin from thin air.

Cut and Restore String- Cut a string into many pieces and have it restored into one long piece


Featuring Tricks by many famous magicians

Lance Burton's
Salt Vanish

Penn and Teller's
Macho Cigarette

Siegfried & Roy's
Goldfish Creations

Dai Vernon's
Kick Steal,

Johnny Aladdin's
Rabbit Finale

and many more!

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Additional Information

Name Vanishing Hanky Jr
SKU 02-2966

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