Ultra Mental Deck (Invisible Deck)

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Ultra Mental Deck (Invisible Deck)


One of the most amazing decks of cards you could ever use.  The magician asks a spectator to "Name any card in a deck of cards."  Whatever card they name is found to be turned upside down within the deck!  Impossible! Can be used either close up or on stage.

Basic Ultra Mental Routine: A random spectator names any playing card. The deck is then spread to reveal one card is reversed. The reversed card matches the spectator's named card. 

Mystery of the Ninth Wonder: Get a member of the audience to write down any number which has three digits or more... then tell him to multiply the number by any multiple of 9 such as 9, 18, 27, etc. Then direct someone to circle any digit in the answer except zero. With this done, Request him to name the remaining digits in any order. Somehow you know the exact digit he circled

Nine Days!: Request a person to draw a square so it will cover nine days. Ask them to tell you the smallest total of those nine days. With a fast calculation, you are somehow able to write the total figure of those nine days! Now boldly announce that you have predicted by magic that selection -- and take out your Ultra Mental Deck and show the one reversed card in the deck to be that number! 

Just say "When": You let a member of your audience say "when" to stop in selecting any card from the deck. Hand the deck to somebody and request him to place the cards, one by one, in a stack on your table and have him remember the name of the card. Then have him replace the cards he has removed on top of the chosen card. you can now take the deck and easily locate his card.

The Two Person Trick: Pick a spectator and have him draw either a Heart, Spade, Diamond, or Club on a piece of paper. Now hand another spectator the paper and have them draw a number (2-10) or letter (using A for Ace, J for Jack, Q for Queen, or K for King). Bring out from your pocket and show that the card created by two different spectators, is the only card reversed. 

Includes an Ultra Mental Deck (aka Invisible Deck) and Instructional Book with 50 tips and tricks.

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Additional Information

Name Ultra Mental Deck (Invisible Deck)
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