The Magic Seven

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The Magic Seven


Magical Seven by Ed Marlo

Effect: A selected card is placed in a face-up portion of the pack is magically squeezed into the face down lower portion and into the seventh position from the top where it is seen to have arrived face up. Four times the card thus seems to disintegrate to reappear face up and each time in the MAGICAL SEVEN position.

As each phase consists of an entirely different method, each phase will be described separately. Unusual care has been taken to give the proper astistic handling of the problem. Where at times it may appear as if it is unnecessary to proceed as outlined, upon a little investigation, it will be cound that the so-called unimportant details will be the exact things that will cause a 'hook-up' or a 'grinding of gears' should one tend to disregard them. 

Softbound edition of 23 pages with illustrations. 

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Additional Information

Name The Magic Seven
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