Houdini 101 Trick Magic Set

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Houdini 101 Trick Magic Set

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A fantastic magic set for anyone getting started in magic. It teaches you a wide range of magic tricks using props as well as very basic sleight of hand. 

It includes Sponge balls, Multiplying Rabbits, Ball and Vase, Hot Rod, Cups & Balls, Marked & Stripped deck of cards, and so much more!

You also receive an online instructional video and a written instructional book. A well as a nice plastic case to keep your props neatly stored. 


You are receiving almost $100 worth of magic in this kit!

  • Sponge Balls: Make them vanish, appear and multiply, even in a spectator's hand. Includes four balls and instructions.
  • 4 EASY & AMAZING ROPE TRICKS: Four easy and amazing rope tricks with professional magician's rope Inside! Perform Rope thru FInger, the Magic Shoe Lace, The cut and Restored Tope Trick, and Tying a Knot without Letting Go of the Ends. Booklet and DVL included

  • Cups and Balls: Three cups are magically penetrated by small balls. First one ball, then two, then three, and then one of the balls penetrates the table top.

  • Vanishing Hankey: 101 tricks you can do with this vanishing device. Featuring tricks of the greatest magicians around! DVL included

  • Hot Rod: The magician shows a plastic rod with six different colored plastic gems on both sides. The spectator is asked to pick a number from 1 to 6. Whatever number that is with a corresponding colored gem -- the magician shakes the rod and all of the colors change to the chosen color!

  • Multiplying Bunnies: The classic effect where rabbits jump from hand to hand and multiply!

  • Ball and Vase: Place a ball into the pocket and have it magically reappear inside the empty vase.

  • Snapper: Only the magician can get the yellow piece snap back into the red casing. A great betcha trick. 

  • Trick Deck: A marked and stripped deck of cards. Find some one's card immediately in a shuffled deck. Also, a great way to tell someone what card they chose instantly.

  • Miko Card: Place a card face down on a table. Tell the spectator that you are never wrong. Ask the spectator to roll a die and add the top number and the bottom number. Divide by 2 and the answer will match your prediction. The card is overturned and it is the 3-1/2 of Clubs.

  • And many more...

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Additional Information

Name Houdini 101 Trick Magic Set
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