The Faro Shuffle

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The Faro Shuffle


Learn how to control the cards as you shuffle!

Ed Marlo is one of the most notable card magicians of all time. His card writings including the Faro Shuffle were extremely rare and were highly sought after during his time and is now presented to you here.

The Faro Shuffle By Edward Marlo

Revolutionary Card Technique 
Chapter six

Small Excerpt: 

"The Following techniques for accomplishing the Faro or Weave Shuffles, as well as those of the riffle type. Are the result of many years of experimentation and analytical study. I believe them to give greater control at all times to any that have appeared in print previously, especially in regards to In and Out Shuffles. In those instances that I may feel such definite control is not possible, I shall mention them."

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Additional Information

Name The Faro Shuffle
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