The Art of Magic

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The Art of Magic

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The Art of Magic by T. Nelson Downs is a classic textbook of magic. The author teaches magic theory, not only tricks. He encourages the students of magic to be an artist rather than giving a juggling performance with magic props. The methods taught in the magic of cards, coins, handkerchiefs, eggs, billiard balls and other accessories of the modern conjurer are still accepted today. Downs who also wrote MODERN COIN MANIPULATION detail not only sleight-of-hand magic but also various gimmicks and apparatus used to accomplish the magic. 

Small Excerpt:

"For the purpose of this book, it will be convenient to divide magic into three branches: manual dexterity, mental subtleties and the surprising results produced by a judicious and artistic blending of the second and third branches. There are other branches, to be sure; but they are of little interest to modern students of the magic art. A century ago, and, indeed, as late as Robert-Houdin's day, a general knowledge of the physical sciences was considered necessary to the equipment of the conjurer or magician; and the old writers on magic filled their pages with clumsy experiments in chemistry, physics, mechanics, and mathematics. In order to be an original conjurer of the first magnitude, said Robert-Houdin, it is necessary to have more than a speaking acquaintance with the sciences, so as to apply their principles to the invention of illusions and stage tricks. Houdini himself utilized chemistry, optics, and physics, while many of his greatest and most successful illusions were based on the then little-known science of electricity. Things have changed since Houdini's day, however, and the art he practiced has taken many forward strides toward the goal of perfection."

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Name The Art of Magic
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