Book- Tarbell Course in Magic Volume 8

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Book- Tarbell Course in Magic Volume 8


These popular works are the most illustrated lessons ever published on magic. Thousands of copies have been sold and all volumes are continuous sellers throughout the world, each volume having had one or more editions to date. Each volume contains a wide assortment of practical, entertaining Tricks, much of which can be made at home by the reader.

Harlan Tarbell was the preeminent magician and magic teacher from the 1920s to his death in 1960. He taught classes all over North America, touching the lives of countless magicians - professional, amateur, and beginner. There is no one in any magic club who has not at some time or other learned from the legacy of Dr. Harlan Tarbell. There are many who lay the credit for their entire professions to the "Tarbell Course", the 7-volume storehouse of magical knowledge, painstakingly illustrated in great detail, with text so crystal clear in simple English that students were doing the tricks almost as they read about them. Dr. Tarbell had two great natural talents that fit perfectly with his acquired talent of magic -- he drew like an artist and wrote with amazing clarity.

The most respected course in magic! The classic volumes cover every aspect and interest in the art of magic performance. A must-have for every magic library!

Volume 8 includes:

Foreword by David Copperfield
Introductions by Steve Burton and Richard Kaufman
Lesson-92-01 Thoughts and Advice Mysteries of the Séance
Lesson-93-19 Mysteries of the Séance
Lesson-93-19 Spiritualism and Magic Spiritism
Lesson-93-22 The Dark Séance at the Table Spiritism
Lesson-93-28 The Dark Circle Spiritism
Lesson-93-30 The Touch of Mysterious Fingers Spiritism
Lesson-93-32 Gysel's Method Spiritism Robert Gysel
Lesson-93-33 The Cabinet Séance Spiritism
Lesson-93-38 The Throw-Away Coat Tie Spiritism
Lesson-93-39 Anna Eva Fay's Spirit Tie Spiritism Anna Eva Fay
Lesson-93-41 Tarbell's Spirit Collar Spiritism Harlan Tarbell
Further Unique Mysteries
Lesson-94-45 Further Unique Mysteries
Lesson-94-45 Wine and Water Liquid
Lesson-94-49 Tarbell's Anytime Cake in the Hat Harlan Tarbell
Lesson-94-52 The Enchanted Cane
Lesson-94-56 The L. W Bewitched Handkerchief and Glass William Larsen & T. Page Wright George Stillwell
Lesson-94-59 A Topsy-Turvy Word
Lesson-94-61 The Mysterious Cross
Lesson-94-62 Solid through Solid String
Lesson-94-64 Come-Back Bread Crumbs
Lesson-94-65 The Cloudburst Coin Coins
Lesson-94-67 Tarbell Production Hat Harlan Tarbell
Lesson-94-70 A Derby and Silk Routine
Lesson-94-72 Tarbell Potato and Die Harlan Tarbell
Lesson-94-74 Tarbell First Torn Paper Routine Harlan Tarbell
Lesson-94-76 Tarbell Oranges Harlan Tarbell
Lesson-94-78 The Classic Water Bowl Production Liquid
Magic with Cards
Lesson-95-83 Magic with Cards
Lesson-95-83 Collins' Slippery Aces Card Stanley Collins
Lesson-95-86 The Mystic Aces Card
Lesson-95-87 Kick Back Card Discovery
Lesson-95-89 A Good Card Trick
Lesson-95-90 Rising Cards from Envelope (Two Methods)
Lesson-95-94 Rising Cards from Book
Lesson-95-96 Switching Decks Card
Lesson-95-97 The Phantom Cut Out Card
Lesson-95-100 F. E. Cole's Any Card Called For Rising Card F. E. Cole
Lesson-95-101 Tarbell Any Card Rising Card Harlan Tarbell
Oriental Magic
Lesson-96-103 Oriental Magic
Lesson-96-103 The Tarbell Cannon Cracker (Six Effects) Harlan Tarbell
Lesson-96-110 The Hindu Climbing Balls
Lesson-96-112 The Hindu Jar of Grain
Lesson-96-113 The Hindu Disappearing Grain
Lesson-96-115 Chinese Color-Changing Coins Coins Percy Abbott
Lesson-96-121 The Chinese Sticks
Lesson-96-127 The Chinese Production Box
Lesson-96-131 Mystery of the Paper Ball Egg Frog and Baby Chicken
Magic of the Mind
Lesson-97-137: Magic of the Mind
Lesson-97-137 Blindfold Card Reading Mentalism
Lesson-97-140 The Devil's Deck Mentalism
Lesson-97-145 Bank Night Revisited Mentalism
Lesson-97-146 Dr. Bridges' Thought Projection Mentalism Dr. Milton A. Bridges
Lesson-97-148 The Chess Knight's Tour Mentalism
Lesson-97-153 The Tarbell Rapid Memory Act Mentalism Harlan Tarbell
Rope Magic
Lesson-98-159 Rope Magic
Lesson-98-159 A Word About Magic with Ropes
Lesson-98-160 How to Tie a Square Knot Ropes
Lesson-98-161 Tarbell 'Basik' Rope Mystery Ropes Harlan Tarbell
Lesson-98-164 The Lazy Man Reformed Ropes
Lesson-98-166 Henry Holava's Rope from Hand Release Ropes Henry Holava
Lesson-98-168 Block of Wood Release Ropes
Lesson-98-170 The Priest's Pearls Ropes
Lesson-98-172 Tarbell Rope Mystery (Five Effects) Ropes Harlan Tarbell
Chalk Talk Magic
Lesson-99-187 Chalk Talk Magic
Lesson-99-187 The Basics of Quick Sketching Chalk Talk
Lesson-99-195 The Rabbit and the Magician Chalk Talk
Lesson-99-196 The Monkey and the Cat Chalk Talk
Lesson-99-197 The Duck and the Farmer Chalk Talk
Lesson-99-198 Grandpa's Experience Chalk Talk
Lesson-99-199 A Lady and Her Husband Chalk Talk
Lesson-99-200 The Mouse and the Lady Chalk Talk
Lesson-99-201 The Pig and the Wolf Chalk Talk
Lesson-99-202 The Elephant and the Ostrich Chalk Talk
Lesson-99-203 Cupid and the Stork Chalk Talk
Lesson-99-204 The Vanishing Line Chalk Talk
Lesson-99-205 A Stylish Gentleman Chalk Talk
Lesson-99-207 Have a Banana Chalk Talk
Lesson-99-209 A Lemon While You Wait Chalk Talk
Lesson-99-211 The Rising Card Chalk Talk
Lesson-99-213 The Honorable Mr. Donkey Chalk Talk
Lesson-99-215 The Pirate's Chest Chalk Talk
Lesson-99-220 A Drink to Order Chalk Talk
Lesson-99-222 The Rabbit in the Hat Chalk Talk
Lesson-99-223 An Easy Way to Make Money Chalk Talk
Magic with Apparatus
Lesson-100-225 Magic with Apparatus
Lesson-100-225 The Siberian Chain Escape
Lesson-100-228 The Mysterious Self Filling Lota Liquid
Lesson-100-231 Ching Ling Foo's Magic Water Can Liquid Ching Ling Foo
Lesson-100-232 Tarbell Ball and Vase Routine Harlan Tarbell
Lesson-100-234 The Tarbell Orange Vase Harlan Tarbell
Lesson-100-237 The Bran Vase
Lesson-100-241 The Dove Pan Doves
Lesson-100-243 The Welsh Rarebit Rabbit
Lesson-100-246 The Magic Chocolates Bert Douglas
Lesson-100-250 The Wandering Glass and Bottle
Lesson-100-255 Comedy Version
Lesson-100-258 Bottle, Bottle Where's the Bottle?
Lesson-100-262 Tarbell 'Society Special' Black Art Table Harlan Tarbell
Lesson-100-271 Super Vanish of Doves Doves Floyd Thayer
Comedy Magic
Lesson-101-283 Comedy Magic
Lesson-101-283 The Vice Versa Rabbit Mystery
Lesson-101-285 The Lie Detector
Lesson-101-288 The Traveling Coins
Lesson-101-291 The Chameleon Socks
Lesson-101-295 Mind-Reading Deluxe
Lesson-101-300 A Hypnotic Vanishing
Lesson-101-303 An Unexpected Vanishing
Lesson-101-305 A Comedy Levitation
Pantomime Illusions
Lesson-102-311 Pantomime Illusions
Lesson-102-311 The Phantom of the Circus Illusions
Lesson-102-329 The Chinaman the Ghost and the Cat Illusions Harlan Tarbelll ...after Harry Kellar
Lesson-102-345 The Mystery of the Three Ghosts Illusions Servais Leroy
Lesson-102-348 The Mystery of the Dancing Girls Illusions Harlan Tarbell
Making Magic Pay
Lesson-103-353 Making Magic Pay
Lesson-103-359 The Selling of the Tarbell System of Magic
Lesson-103-369 Tarbell Introduced by Dr. A. M. Wilson
Lesson-103-370 Ads for the Tarbell System
Lesson-103-379 Pitch Letters Sent by the System to Prospective Students
Lesson-103-400 The Strong Box and Apparatus Included with Lesson-1
Lesson-103-401 Pitch Letter After Lesson-1 was Received
Lesson-103-403 Price List of Supplies
Lesson-103-404 Apparatus Sent After Lesson-20
Lesson-103-405 Tarbell System Diploma
Lesson-103-406 Tarbell Course of Magic Poster
Lesson-103-407 Pitch Letter for Tarbell Post Graduate Course
Lesson-103-409 The Tarbell Lectures
Lesson-103-310 Tarbell Personal Course in Magic No. 1 (1942)
Lesson-103-415 Tarbell Personal Course in Magic No. 2 (1942)
Lesson-103-421 1947 S. A. M. Lecture Notes and List of Tricks Performed
Lesson-103-424 Personal Course in Magic (1955)
Lesson-103-426 Tarbell 'Princess Card Trick' Harlan Tarbell

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Name Book- Tarbell Course in Magic Volume 8
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