Book- Tarbell Course in Magic Volume 7

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Book- Tarbell Course in Magic Volume 7


These popular works are the most illustrated lessons ever published on magic. Thousands of copies have been sold and all volumes are continuous sellers throughout the world, each volume having had one or more editions to date. Each volume contains a wide assortment of practical, entertaining Tricks, much of which can be made at home by the reader.

Harlan Tarbell was the preeminent magician and magic teacher from the 1920s to his death in 1960. He taught classes all over North America, touching the lives of countless magicians - professional, amateur, and beginner. There is no one in any magic club who has not at some time or other learned from the legacy of Dr. Harlan Tarbell. There are many who lay the credit for their entire professions to the "Tarbell Course", the 7-volume storehouse of magical knowledge, painstakingly illustrated in great detail, with text so crystal clear in simple English that students were doing the tricks almost as they read about them. Dr. Tarbell had two great natural talents that fit perfectly with his acquired talent of magic -- he drew like an artist and wrote with amazing clarity.

The most respected course in magic! The classic volumes cover every aspect and interest in the art of magic performance. A must-have for every magic library!

Volume 7 Contains 8 lessons, plus Harry Lorayne's complete cross index of the first seven volumes, 

Lesson-84-21 More Mental Magic
Lesson-84-21 The Telepathic Pill boxes: chosen box reveals color Mentalism Eric Robin
Lesson-84-24 Pavel's Predicta Rope: Spectator ties 3 color rope. The magician pulls the rope from a bag in same order. Mentalism Rope Pavel Pomezný
Lesson-84-26 Bergson's Non-Center Tear: Method to read written selection Mentalism Syd Bergson
Lesson-84-29 Spirit Transposition: Mini Slate Routine Mentalism Orville Meyer
Lesson-84-31 Overdrawn: 100 One dollar bills placed in a hat, some are removed, Magician knows how many Mentalism Doc Boston
Lesson-84-32 Louis Phillips' Calcutta: Geographic card location found on map Mentalism Louis Phillips
Lesson-84-34 Addition Prediction: 5x5 math grid Mentalism Mickey MacDougall's Presentation
Lesson-84-37 Ed Schuman's Sightless Sight: business card revelation Mentalism Ed Schuman
Lesson-84-40 Ken Beale's Triple ESP Prediction: ESP cards Mentalism Cards Ken Beale
Lesson-84-44 You Read My Mind: One of 4 cards reversed and with red back Mentalism Cards Corvello & Alan Alan
Lesson-84-48 Ken Krenzel's Never Say Die: spectator rolls die, other spectator guesses, they match Mentalism Dice Ken Krenzel
Lesson-84-52 Mento Pen: Novel idea using Flair (TM) pen Mentalism David S. Kotkin
Lesson-84-55 A Spectator Reads a Mind: spectator predicts card selection Mentalism Cards Stanley Jaks
Lesson-84-58 The Antique Medallion (Glenn Gravatt): written date found on coin Mentalism Coins Glenn Gravatt ...after Al Koran
Lesson-84-60 Classified Ad (Joe White): Random ad torn out, predicted in envelope Mentalism Joe White
Lesson-84-62 Max Lister's Easy Message Reading: burnt message is read Mentalism Max Lister
Card Magic
Lesson-85-64 Card Magic
Lesson-85-64 Fred Lowe's Card In Glass: selected card found in inverted glass Cards Fred Lowe
Lesson-85-67 Audley Walsh's 3 Card Monte: Matchbook marker Cards Audley Walsh
Lesson-85-70 Barry Stevenson's Card in Wallet: Unprepared Wallet Cards Barry Stevenson
Lesson-85-73 Bob Gunther's Repeat Card to Wallet: gimmicked Cards Bob Gunther
Lesson-85-76 Eric Peterson's Card Prediction: Giant card on stand Cards Eric Peterson
Lesson-85-79 Mel Jones' Shower of Cards: Cards thrown, selected card caught Cards Mel Jones
Lesson-85-82 Ludor Fiedler's Sure Fire Force: gimmick card Cards Ludor Fiedler
Lesson-85-84 X Equals Five: Paper shown with a message. When folded, reveals card Cards, Herb Runge
Lesson-85-86 Die-Duction: dice added, total equals magician's card Cards Dice Dr. Leslie, Albert
Lesson-85-91 Mental Thought Pin Up Girls: 6 blanks shown, the spectator thinks: 4 are pin ups! Mentalism Card Cards Gerald Kosky
Lesson-85-93 Oriental Decoder Prediction: Comedy Oriental writing Mentalism Card Cards Gerald Kosky
Lesson-85-95 Orville Meyer's Miniscape: Laminated Mini Cards Shown, one selected, it falls off Cards Orville Meyer
Lesson-85-98 Baxter-Lorayne Wrap Around Reverse: reversing card to middle Cards Ian Baxter & Harry Lorayne
Lesson-85-100 Dave Lederman's Combo Gambling/Close-up Display Board: how to make Card Cards Dave Lederman
Lesson-85-103 Bob Baxter's Rising and Vanishing Card: under a silk Cards Bob Baxter
Lesson-85-105 Irving Berk's Card Forcing Box with ideas Cards Irving Berk
Lesson-85-108 Alan Alan's Rising Cards: 'Dual Control' Cards Alan Alan
Lesson-85-112 Mesmerised Cards: Fanned Cards suspended from hand (dual control) Cards Alan Alan
Lesson-85-114 Bob McAllister's Bet A Dollar Color Change Card Cards Bob McAllister
Lesson-85-116 Topsy-Turvey Follow Me: Do as I Do Card Cards Max Williams & Milton Tropp
Lesson-85-119 Tony Noice's Card Transpo: Instant transposition to middle of deck Cards Tony Noice
Lesson-85-121 Rising Cards from Envelope: Bill Severn/Pete Biro: uses pencil Cards Bill Severn & Pete Biro
Lesson-85-125 Nick Conticello's Seeing Thru the Deck Card Cards Nick Conticello
Lesson-85-128 Two Hindu Forces of more than One Card: Barnhart/Lorayne Cards Russell Barnhart & Harry Lorayne
Lesson-85-133 Boston Lorayne Card Change Cards Doc Boston & Harry Lorayne
Lesson-85-135 Dennis Marks' Stripper Spin Revere: Stripper Deck sleight Card Cards Dennis Marks
Lesson-85-137 Non-Telephone Telephone Trick: cards discarded until only selected left Cards Nick Conticello
Lesson-85-139 A Red and Black Separation: Red and Black packets mixed, separate Cards Don Reavis
Rope Magic
Lesson-86-145 Rope Magic: provides general discussion, list of categories
Lesson-86-145 Tarbell's Chinese Rope Chain: 6' rope tied in 3 loops, all cut and restored Rope Harlan Tarbell
Lesson-86-147 Many Cut Rope Mystery: multiple cuts and restored rope Rope Harlan Tarbell
Lesson-86-150 Tarbell's Sympathetic Ropes: Ropes in a bowl. Rope copies rope #2 knotting, cutting, etc. Rope Harlan Tarbell
Lesson-86-153 Tarbell's Zip-Over Rope Mystery: straight and knotted ropes change places Rope Harlan Tarbell
Lesson-86-156 Crocheting With Your Teeth: string cut, put in mouth, and restored Rope Rope
Lesson-86-159 Borrowed Ring on Loop of String: Ring on String, knot disappears Rope Joe Barnett
Novelty Magic
Lesson-87-163 Novelty Magic
Lesson-87-163 Borrowed Ring In Box: Ring vanishes, found in box held by spectator Finger Ring Arnold De Seiver
Lesson-87-167 TV Surprise: From handkerchief, 3 coins, 2 balls, 2 cigarettes, and matches appear. Then the matches and cigarettes disappear. Jack Chanin
Lesson-87-171 Ed Mishell's Ribbon Cut: cut and restored Ribbon Ed Mishell
Lesson-87-173 Electrostatic Cigarette: Swizzle stick moves cigarette by 'static electricity' Cigarette Louis Tannen
Lesson-87-176 Glenn Gravatt's Word Matching: Word picked is matched by letter cards Glenn Gravatt
Lesson-87-181 Color Ring Transpo: under handkerchief Glenn Gravatt
Lesson-87-183 Glenn Gravatt's Color Ring Penetration: Selected ring removed from rope Glenn Gravatt
Lesson-87-186 Ungimmicked Balloon Penetration: Balloon placed in tube, a pencil is pushed through Balloon Bob McAllister
Lesson-87-187 Dave Lederman's Thimbles and Pea: Shell game Thimbles Dave Lederman
Lesson-87-191 Diminishing Golf Ball: Shrinks twice under handkerchief, then vanishes Ball Carl Ballentine
Lesson-87-193 Milton Tropp's Impromptu Broken/Restored Thread: not quite impromptu Thread Milton Tropp
Lesson-87-197 Leslie P. Guest's Do It Yourself Magic: A picture of a box is folded, silks are removed Leslie P. Guest
Lesson-87-199 Ear It Is Pencil vanishes, then paper Harry Crawford
Lesson-87-202 Morty Rudnick's Funny Force: Buddha paper and comedy force Mentalism Morty Rudnick
Lesson-87-207 Visible Penetration block penetrates glass cover Glenn Gravatt
Lesson-87-209 Color Changing Knives: 2 knife routine with a handkerchief. The basic move, through the fist change, handkerchief switch, reveals two knives, transposed colors, and suggestions for the end. Knife roll, Barnhart flip moves. Knives
Lesson-87-214 Uncanny Penetrating Rubber Bands: Band thru band Rubber Bands
Lesson-87-217 Impromptu Cigarettes from Mid Air Cigarettes Joseph M. White
Lesson-87-219 Another Ribbon Penetration: ring on the ribbon in hat Ribbon Dr. A.H.C. Van Senus
Lesson-87-221 Flip's Flipstick: stick appears and disappears Flip Hallema
Lesson-87-226 Flip's Vanishing Glass: Party stunt results in vanished glass Flip Hallema
Lesson-87-230 Flip's Silk and Wand: Wand appears and vanishes under silk Flip Hallema
Money Magic
Lesson-88-234 Money Magic
Lesson-88-234 X-Cel: penny vanishes from between paper sheets using pen Coins Tom Rooney
Lesson-88-236 Bandit Bill: folded bill suspends on rubber band Currency Roy Baker
Lesson-88-238 Gimmicked Coins: discussion of various Coins
Lesson-88-241 Copper/Silver thru table: uses magnetic c/s. Selected coin through table Coins Sheldon Atterbury
Lesson-88-243 Disjointed Account: Uses expanded shim, cute banking story Coins J.G. Thompson, Jr.
Lesson-88-246 Ultimate C/S: Shim and double insert Coins Sheldon Atterbury
Lesson-88-248 Sol Stone's Changing Chips: Chip changes color 4 times, uses sleights Coins Sol Stone
Lesson-88-251 Sol Stone's Visual C/S: C/S Transpo, no gimmicks Coins Sol Stone
Lesson-88-254 Continuous Coin Production and vanish using only 2 coins Coins Sol Stone
Lesson-88-255 Sol Stone's Miser's Dream move Coins Sol Stone
Lesson-88-257 Sensitized Paper: mini blank card between coins prints selection Coins
Lesson-88-262 Three and Three: Copper/Silver Transpo using 6 coins Coins Jules Lenier
Lesson-88-263 Charlatan Chips: 2 colored chips transpose under 2 silks Coins Joseph M. White
Lesson-88-265 Balancing Coins: on glass (dual control) Coins Alan Alan
Lesson-88-267 An Amazing Vanish: Coin vanish move Coins David Roth
Lesson-88-269 Another Amazing Vanish (Roth): both hands shown empty Coins David Roth
Lesson-88-271 Vincent Sabatino's Bill Tube Presentation Currency Vincent Sabatino
Lesson-88-278 Boxed Coins (Cervon): 4 coins in hand to Okito box one by one Coins Bruce Cervon
Lesson-88-281 Tony Spina's Coin through Table: Coin slapped through table move Coins Tony Spina
Lesson-88-283 Willie Schneider's Penny Inflation: penny and silver dollar change places, but penny grows to the size of a dollar! Coins Willie Schneider
Lesson-88-285 Frank Garcia's Flip-Over Penny: Penny and Dime set, locking Coins Frank Garcia
Lesson-88-287 Nickel to Dime routine (Tom Fitzgerald): Nickel stack to dimes Coins Tom Fitzgerald
Lesson-88-289 Ee-Zee Money (Fugi A. Fuchs): Money printed from 'plates' Currency Fugi A. Fuchs
Lesson-88-294 Hair There and Everywhere (Marty Rudnick): Nickels and sugar packs interact with invisible hair Coins Marty Rudnick
Lesson-88-299 No Lapping Coins Thru Table: Hoo coins Coins Pete Biro
Lesson-88-302 The Travelers: Coins Travel Hand to Hand, no gimmicks Coins Louis Tannen
Lesson-88-308 Lenny Green Fader's Traveling Coins Addition: 4 coins Coins Lenny Green Fader
Lesson-88-308 Alan Alan's Decimated Coin Trick: uses prepared coin wallet Coins Alan, Alan
Silk Magic
Lesson-89-312 Silk Magic
Lesson-89-312 Phoa's Cut and Restored Silk Silk Phoa Yan Tiong
Lesson-89-316 Pavel's Silk from Confetti Shower: Confetti tossed, silk materializes Silk Pavel Pomezný
Lesson-89-318 Pavel's The Jumping Silk Silk Pavel Pomezný
Lesson-89-320 Sucker Silk Color Change: Silks with words printed change places Silk Doc Boston
Lesson-90-324 Illusions- includes a discussion
Lesson-90-324 Phantom Black Art Platform: wooden frame Illusions
Lesson-90-329 Girl in the Trunk Mystery: using above Illusions
Lesson-90-333 Girl in the Audience: Black Art Illusions Illusions
Lesson-90-336 Sawing a Woman in Half Illusions Percy Tibbles (P.T. Selbit)
Lesson-90-344 The Sword Box Illusions
Lesson-90-347 The Penetrating Steel Bar: similar to sword box, above Illusions
Lesson-90-350 The Indestructible Girl: yet another similar effect Illusions
Late Arrivals
Lesson-91-352 Late Arrivals
Lesson-91-352 Morty Rudnick's Coinflation: diminishing glass Coins Morty Rudnick
Lesson-91-355 Herb Zarrow's Switch Change: Instant coin change Coins Herb Zarrow
Lesson-91-357 Sam Schwartz's Telephone number prediction Mentalism Sam Schwartz
Lesson-91-362 The Personalized Paddle: lines appear and vanish, finally the spectator's name appears Paddle Willie Schneider
Lesson-91-365 Bob McAllister's Cavorting Sponge Balls: matrix type effect Balls Bob McAllister
Lesson-91-371 Herb Zarrow's Trapeze: flourish ending Cards Herb Zarrow
Lesson-91-371 Pavel's Blow Knot: like Tenyo's Crystal Tube: 3 silks blown from tube tie together Silks Pavel Pomezný
Lesson-91-379 Jack Tillar's Blister: Fingertip burnt without harm Jack Tillar
Lesson-91-381 Mike Tannen's Sliding and Vanishing Knot Mike Tannen
Lesson-91-383 Bob McAllister's Linking Balloons Linking Rings Balloons Bob McAllister
Lesson-91-386 Brooks Conner's Baffling Bayer Box: Coin vanishes from aspirin tin Coin Brooks Conner, Jr.
Lesson-91-389 Copper or Silver: C/S mixed, the spectator chooses, other vanishes under table Coin Brooks Conner, Jr.
Last Word
Page 393 Last Word - Harry Lorayne

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