Book- Tarbell Course in Magic Volume 5

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Book- Tarbell Course in Magic Volume 5


These popular works are the most illustrated lessons ever published on magic. Thousands of copies have been sold and all volumes are continuous sellers throughout the world, each volume having had one or more editions to date. Each volume contains a wide assortment of practical, entertaining Tricks, much of which can be made at home by the reader.

Harlan Tarbell was the preeminent magician and magic teacher from the 1920s to his death in 1960. He taught classes all over North America, touching the lives of countless magicians - professional, amateur, and beginner. There is no one in any magic club who has not at some time or other learned from the legacy of Dr. Harlan Tarbell. There are many who lay the credit for their entire professions to the "Tarbell Course", the 7-volume storehouse of magical knowledge, painstakingly illustrated in great detail, with text so crystal clear in simple English that students were doing the tricks almost as they read about them. Dr. Tarbell had two great natural talents that fit perfectly with his acquired talent of magic -- he drew like an artist and wrote with amazing clarity.

The most respected course in magic! The classic volumes cover every aspect and interest in the art of magic performance. A must-have for every magic library!

Volume 5 Includes 13 Lessons, 418 pages, 1152 Illustrations

  1. Unique magic
  2. More Unique Mysteries
  3. Four-Ace Effects
  4. Modern Mental Mysteries
  5. Hat and Coat Productions
  6. Oriental Magic
  7. Original Oriental Magic
  8. Tarbell Hindu Rope Mysteries
  9. Modern Rope Magic
  10. Magic of the Bambergs
  11. Magic with Bowls and Liquids
  12. Illusions
  13. and Publicity and Promotion.
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Additional Information

Name Book- Tarbell Course in Magic Volume 5
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