Book-Tarbell Course in Magic Volume 1

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Book-Tarbell Course in Magic Volume 1


Tarbell Course In Magic - Volume 1

These popular works are the most illustrated lessons ever published on magic. Thousands of copies have been sold and all volumes are continuous sellers throughout the world, each volume having had one or more editions to date. Each volume contains a wide assortment of practical, entertaining Tricks, much of which can be made at home by the reader. 

Volume 1 Learn Magic Includes:

  1. History of Magic
  2. Magic as a Science
  3. Sleight of Hand with Coins
  4. Coin Tricks
  5. More Coin Tricks, 
  6. The Thumb Tip, 
  7. Impromptu Tricks,
  8. Ball Tricks,
  9. Mathematical Mysteries,
  10. Effective Card Mysteries,
  11. Impromptu Card Mysteries,
  12. Mental Card Mysteries,
  13. Card Sleights,
  14. Novel Card Mysteries,
  15. Restoring Torn Papers,
  16. Rope & Tape Principle
  17. Handkerchief Tricks,
  18. Knotty Silks,
  19. Eggs and Silks.

New Hard Cover
19 lessons,
410 pages,
918 illustrations.

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Additional Information

Name Book-Tarbell Course in Magic Volume 1
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