Sticky Wicket

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Sticky Wicket


The Magician displays seven playing cards, each has a hole near the end. The cards are openly displayed. One of the cards is unusual as it has a different colored face and back. This unusual card is extended from the other cards. A wooden wicket is handed to a spectator and he is instructed to insert it into the hole in the cards. The Magician next asks the spectator to push the unusual card into the pack of cards- And to his surprise, the card seems to penetrate the wicket as if by magic. The cards are now fanned and exhibited, the unusual card seems to be attached, along with the other cards, to the wicket.

For people wondering what a wicket is:

  • "In the sport of cricket, the wicket is one of the two sets of three stumps and two bails at either end of the pitch. The wicket is guarded by a batsman who, with his bat, attempts to prevent the ball from hitting the wicket. The origin of the word is from wicket gate, a small gate." Wikipedia
  • "A sticky wicket is a metaphor used to describe a difficult circumstance. It originated as a term for difficult circumstances in the sport of cricket, caused by a damp and soft pitch." Wikipedia
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Name Sticky Wicket
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