Steel Ball and Tube with Book

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Steel Ball and Tube with Book


The Steel Ball and Tube is a great close-up magic trick that is a lot of fun for all ages. This product has been designed to make it possible to have it examined both before and after the effect. 

Some tricks that can be done with the Steel Ball & Tube:

  • Basic Routine- You show a tube and the steel ball, the ball is clearly too large to fit in the tube. However, on your command, the ball slowly sinks down into the tube. Now on your command, the ball slowly rises back to the top of the tube. You now immediately hand out the props for examination. They will find nothing, and will not be able to get the ball to go into the tube, it won't fit. No! There is no switching! Again, everything is able to be examined.
  • Pencil Penetration Through Ball- Magician Shows a Steel Ball and Tube and then borrows a pencil or pen. The Magician then places the ball inside the tube. The Pencil then goes through the tube. The magician shows the pencil has poked a hole in the ball. The pencil and ball are removed from the tube. The ball is shown fully restored.
  • Sound Vanish- The audience sees that the magician put the ball in the tube. The magician shakes the tube and the ball is heard inside. The ball then vanishes and the tube is shown empty.
Additional routines included:
  • Vanish and Appearance
  • Ball to Coin
  • Jumbo Ball
  • Vanish Ball with Thumb Tip
  • Foil Ball
  • Balance Ball
  • Ring Finger Ditch
  • Thimble Moves with Tube
  • Chop Cup with Steel Ball and Tube
  • Shot Gun
  • Imagination
Printed instructions are included.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Steel Ball and Tube with Book
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