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Stage Magic

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  • The Phoenix on CD rom

    The Phoenix on CD rom

    The Complete Phoenix Magazine on CD ROM! Complete with Illustrations and searchable index!

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  • Triple Bloom Flower Boquet

    Triple Bloom Flower Boquet

    The magician shows a colorful bouquet; then plucks the flowers off. Instantly the flowers grow back in a different color! The magician repeats the effect once more. Easy and comical, a great effect. Easy to do.

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  • Candle Through Arm

    Candle Through Arm

    The magician displays a black metal tube to the audience along with a candle. He lights the candle and places his arm through the tube, pointing out the small holes through the sides of the tube. In fact, the hole looks just big enough for the candle to fit through if it weren't for the magician's arm in the way. He picks up the candle and passes it straight through the hole in the tube!

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  • Square Circle-Classic

    Square Circle-Classic

    Need a great trick for talent shows, birthday parties, or stage gig? The Square Circle is a great production box trick that is sure to fool your audience. Learn More
  • Deceptive Square Circle

    Deceptive Square Circle

    The Deceptive Square Circle is a production item.  The magician shows a tube empty and places it in the square. Various items can then be produced such as silk scarfs, feather flowers or perhaps a small animal.  Easy to do.

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  • Fire From Palms

    Fire From Palms

    Must be at least 18 years old to purchase this item.

    You can make fire appear on the palm of your hand.

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  • Flip Over Box

    Flip Over Box

    Flip (Tip-over) box - An animal or object can be placed in the box; it is flipped over and vanishes--you can see right through the box!  Easy to do.

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  • Head Twister

    Head Twister

    A great stage effect.  An assistant's head is placed inside the container with an open front to clearly see their face.  The magician turns the box around in a 360-degree angle---it looks impossible.  Again and again, the box is rotated all-the-way-around, yet the assistant is not harmed. 

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  • Rose to Silk

    Rose to Silk

    A rose that is plucked from the magician's lapel instantly transforms into a silk scarf.  Can be used for any follow up silk effect. Easy to do.

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  • Zombie Ball- mini

    Zombie Ball- mini

    The performer covers a silver ball with a beautiful cloth (supplied). The performer holds onto the cloth by the corners. Like magic, the ball begins to float underneath the cloth seemingly on its own! Next the ball appears on top of the cloth then drops back down as if it has a life of its own.

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  • Dove Pan

    Dove Pan

    The magician displays a large pan aluminum  showing the inside empty. He places the lid back on, snaps his fingers and when he removes the lid again, a live dove (or any other object which fits inside) appears! High-quality Learn More
  • Duck Bucket

    Duck Bucket

    A bucket is shown empty and handed to a spectator in the audience.  Magician instantly makes a duck (or another animal) appear in the bucket!

    A great stage effect.

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Grid List

Set Descending Direction

49-60 of 114