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Stage Magic

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  • Change Bag

    Change Bag

    A classic magic utility item for vanishing, appearing and restoring items. Turn inside out to show it's completely empty. Then produce silks, or have cut rope pieces change into a single long rope, and more! One hand operation. Wood and cloth construction. Silks not included. Learn More
  • Dove Vanish

    Dove Vanish

    Used but in good condition. The Sucker Dove Vanish is a great illusion. You can take this apart and show the illusion empty. Take a Dove and place it into the box and make it vanish.

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  • Temple of Benares

    Temple of Benares

    This is a classic illusion built by Abbotts, and the quality really shows! Learn More

    Out of stock

  • Sub Trunk

    Sub Trunk

    Used but in good condition

    The trunk can be examined by members of the audience and is locked and roped by them in all directions during the presentation. Any kind of lock can be used. The escape or substitution effect happens in the blink of an eye. A classic stage illusion.

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  • Airborne Cans

    Airborne Cans

    The performer pours out a drink from a Coke can into a clear tumbler. A sudden itch causes him to leave the tumbler, and it stays magically afloat in mid-air with the drink pouring in. We supply the special tumbler and gimmick, which can be used with any standard soda can. Learn More

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    Special Price $53.91

  • Chinese Sticks

    Chinese Sticks

    Classic magic! Simple to do! The two tassels move up and down as if by magic! The audience suspects they know how the magic is done, however a surprise ending reveals that they were wrong! Includes written instructions and DVL..

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    Regular Price: $24.99

    Special Price $22.49

  • Triple Bloom Flower Boquet

    Triple Bloom Flower Boquet

    The magician shows a colorful bouquet; then  plucks the flowers off. Instantly the flowers grow back in a different color! The magician repeats the effect once more. Easy and comical, a great effect. Easy to do.

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  • Vanishing Bird Cage

    Vanishing Bird Cage

      The magician holds a bird cage between his hands.  Instantly it vanishes into thin air.  May be repeated. Bird Cage, (5" x 5" x 6") complete with an imitation bird that can pass as the real thing. The props supplied are of the finest quality.

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  • Educated Duck

    Educated Duck

    One of the funniest effects of magic. Great for stage or parlor shows! Learn More

    Regular Price: $124.99

    Special Price $112.49

  • Duck Bucket

    Duck Bucket

    A bucket is shown empty and handed to a spectator in the audience.  Magician instantly makes a duck (or another animal) appear in the bucket!

    A great stage effect.

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  • Dove Pan

    Dove Pan

    The magician displays a large pan aluminum  showing the inside empty. He places the lid back on, snaps his fingers and when he removes the lid again, a live dove (or any other object which fits inside) appears! High-quality Learn More

    Out of stock

  • Deceptive Square Circle

    Deceptive Square Circle

    The Deceptive Square Circle is a production item.  The magician shows a tube empty and places it in the square. Various items can then be produced such as silk scarfs, feather flowers or perhaps a small animal.  Easy to do.

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Grid List

Set Descending Direction

49-60 of 71