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Stage Magic

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  • Silk Cabby

    Silk Cabby

    Make silk scarfs appear and disappear from this beautiful hand-painted wood container. Learn More
  • Crystal cube 4"

    Crystal cube 4"

    A clear box is shown empty.  The magician makes a silk scarf disappear and it reappears instantly in the box!  A great visual effect.  Easy to do. 

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  • Self- Filling coke bottle

    Self- Filling coke bottle

    An empty, capped, glass Coke bottle is set inside of an opaque tube with the top of the bottle always visible. It is immediately removed from the tube and is now full of Coke! Easy to do.

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  • Confetti bucket

    Confetti bucket

    The Magician pours water into a bucket. He then picks up the bucket to thrown the water into the audience--it changes to confetti and flutters to the floor (the water has vanished).  This gets real screams from your audience! Can be used in conjunction with a Lota Bowl.

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  • Mental Epic

    Mental Epic

    Make three predictions on a blackboard that is divided into six sections. Ask three questions and they match as if you read their minds! Learn More
  • Chick Pan

    Chick Pan

    The Pan is shown empty.  Put the lid on and PRESTO a live chick, candy. or anything you want to produce.  Easy to do. 

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  • Knife Thru Arm

    Knife Thru Arm

    Pass a knife thru your arm and watch the blood flow. Remove the knife and your arm is completely healed.  No danger.  Easy to do.  Comes with instructions.

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  • Chain Escape Handcuffs

    Chain Escape Handcuffs

    The magician is shackled with chain and locks, yet he can escape in just seconds. Chain, shackle & instructions; locks  included.

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  • Diminishing Cards

    Diminishing Cards

    The Magician show a fan of playing cards.  He waves them in the air and they become half the size.  This is repeated and again they are smaller.  The cards become about the size of a postage stamp.  Great for stage or close-up.  Easy to do.

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  • No Tear Newspaper 2

    No Tear Newspaper 2

    Magically restore torn pieces of newspaper. BUT! You and the audience realize you left out a piece and there is now a hole in it. You magically restore the missing piece before their very eyes! Learn More
  • Square Circle- Chinese

    Square Circle- Chinese

    This classic Chinese trick never gets old! Impress your spectators with this classic oriental themed trick again and again. Your audience will gasp in amazement as you pull out item after item from the seemingly empty tube. Learn More
  • Michael Skinner Volume 3- 2 DVD set

    Michael Skinner Volume 3- 2 DVD set

    Michael Skinner was one of the best close-up magicians in the world and his professional repertoire was considered the largest and most versatile in the business.  This DVD series features performances and explanations to many of his best routines. Watch the master in action.

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Grid List

Set Descending Direction

37-48 of 114