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Stage Magic

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  • Flower Box

    Flower Box

    The magician shows an empty bag to the audience, takes out a transparent and beautiful red flower box from the paper bag. Re-shows the empty paper bag, and gradually takes out a yellow flower box and blue box. A very simple and easy trick for young magicians! Learn More

    Regular Price: $24.99

    Special Price $22.49

  • Tricky Top Hat

    Tricky Top Hat

    A top hat is shown to be empty, then items magically appear! Produce any item that fits in the secret compartment! You can even pull a small rabbit out of the hat. Perform this great magic trick close up, surrounded, or even on stage! Learn More

  • Chick Pan

    Chick Pan

    The Clipless Chick Pan from Ickle Pickle Steven Bender and Ickle Pickle products bring you the first Clipless chick pan! This extremely versatile production pan is full of possibilities.

    Silks not included Learn More
  • Wrist Chopper

    Wrist Chopper

    A Spectator's Wrist Is Placed In This Guillotine Along With A Carrot. The Carrot Is Cut While The Spectator's Wrist Remains Unharmed. Safe & easy to do.

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  • Mailbag Escape

    Mailbag Escape

    Heavy canvas bag can be examined by members of the audience.  Padlocks on the outside of the bag, spectators can use their own locks.  You are locked INSIDE--yet you are able to escape and the bag and locks found to be still fastened shut!  Comes complete with instructions.

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    Regular Price: $159.99

    Special Price $143.99

  • Neck and Wrist Escape Set

    Neck and Wrist Escape Set

    Perfect for the Houdini Collector or Escape Artist.

    Learn More
  • Houdini Escape Set

    Houdini Escape Set

    A great set for the ESCAPE ARTIST.  Perfect for the Houdini Collector or Escape Enthusiast!

    Learn More
  • Grippo Card Index

    Grippo Card Index

    The secret device used to accomplish card miracles. Charlie Miller & Ron Wilson proudly present their "Card Index" with Geno Munari's adaptation of the Jimmy Grippo Index! This is the killer device that will make you a reputation. Jimmy Grippo guarded this secret until his death! Learn More
  • Genii Tube-Magnetic Locking

    Genii Tube-Magnetic Locking

    Open and show an EMPTY wooden oak tube with a tribal design etched on the sides. Then close the tube and produce Silks, Spring Flowers, Sponge Balls or many other objects! Learn More
  • Mirror/Mandarin Box

    Mirror/Mandarin Box

    Beautiful mirror box, perfect for producing and vanishing silks, small animals, and other props! Learn More
  • Mouth coils

    Mouth coils

    Mouth Coil Streamer: Magician puts tissue paper into his mouth and PRESTO he removes it as a long colorful streamer.

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  • Principles and Deceptions

    Principles and Deceptions

    Originally published in 1948, by one of the greatest sleight-of-hand artist of the 20th century Arthur H. Buckley. This book should be in every magician's library. 

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Grid List

Set Descending Direction

25-36 of 114