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Split Deck


The cards are cut in half at a diagonal Making for a very unusual deck of cards. A great trick for magicians who like to shock people with a magic prop that is easy to use. No skill required, Completely self-working.

Here are a few tricks that can be done with your Split Deck:

Matched Thought: The spectator selects a half-card from one half of a split deck and is told to concentrate on it. The magician then takes the other half of the deck and begins to deal them face down one at a time on to the table. The deal continues until the magician comes to one card that is "Giving off a strong vibration." When this card is turned face up, it matches the selection.

Ambitious Card: A card is selected and replaced into the deck, which is then shuffled and cut. The selected card reappears on top of the deck. The card is then clearly and unmistakably cut into the center of the deck, without any false moves the card is back on top. This may be repeated ad infinitum.

Spelling Trick: A card is selected, then returned to the deck. The deck is mixed and cut. Then the magician asks the spectator to name any city anywhere in the world. The magician then deals one card for each letter in the city's name. Then the last letter is reached, the card at that point is turned face up. It is the selected card. 

Two Card Monte: The spectator is shown a card and asked to remember it. The card is placed face down on the table, and then another card is set face down next to it. The two cards are "mixed" a little and the spectator is asked to guess which one is his remembered card. as easy as it may seem, he always guesses wrong.


DVL and Instructional Booklet with 25 tips and tricks are included.

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Additional Information

Name Split Deck
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