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Book-Scotch and Soda



The greatest and most famous coin trick ever invented. Not just one, but many tricks you can present with SCOTCH & SODA. The coins appear, disappear, changes places and even end up in a spectator's hand!

Requires no skill and can be learned in 5 minutes. The first coin trick by everyone that ever was interested in magic. The coins do all the work.

Basic Routine for Scotch and Soda: Performer displays a half dollar and a centavo. Both coins are given to a spectator. The spectator is then asked to put both hands behind his back with one coin in each hand. the spectator is asked to put both hands in front of him, fists closed. Performer proceeds to make a wager, that he can remove one of the coins from the spectators' closed fist. The Magician makes a magical move and tells the spectator to open their fist. The copper coin has magically vanished and changed into a silver coin.

Coin Thru the Hand: Place the copper coin and the silver coin in the spectator's hand. Slide the silver coin over the copper coin and press into the spectator's hand. The copper coin magically passes to the other side of their hand.

Many astounding variations are possible with this precision-crafted set of coins. NO SLEIGHT OF HAND.

Complete with an instruction book of 55 Tips & Tricks.

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Name Book-Scotch and Soda
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