Rice Bowl Deluxe

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Rice Bowl Deluxe


Complete 3 Bowl Set WITH a Lota Rice Bowl Total Suprise Climax! The rice DOUBLES in quantity, then CHANGES to water! The MATCHING third Bowl is gimmicked to work as a Lota Bowl & produce LIQUID! Use as a final’ or double load. Made of beautifully spun aluminum.

Basic Routine: Begin with the bowls on the table. Two stacked and one off to the side filled with rice. Place one of the stacked bowls upside down on the table. Fill the other bowl with rice. Pick up the upside down bowl on top of the one filled with rice. Turn the bowls over. Magically the rice has doubled. Brush the rice until it is level with the brim of the lower bowl which is still full. Then the lower bowl is again covered with the other. Picking up both bowls with his two hands, so as not to disturb their position, the performer holds them for a second, and when he separates them once more, the rice has disappeared and one bowl is overflowing with water, which he pours from one bowl to the other. The audience is again allowed to examine the bowls, which will be found to be without preparation of any kind

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Additional Information

Name Rice Bowl Deluxe
SKU 02-2041

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