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Pranks and Gags

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  • Large Magnetic Mustache

    Large Magnetic Mustache

    I mustache you a question. Does your refrigerator look clean shaven? Have you considered a magnetic mustache? Learn More
  • Air Freshener Cowgirl

    Air Freshener Cowgirl

    Yippee-Ki-Yay! This 4-3/4" (12.1 cm) tall air freshener has a bronco busting, lasso twirling cowgirl on it. Learn More
  • Book-Extreme Face Painting

    Book-Extreme Face Painting

    No matter what your experience level, you can turn everyday faces into sweet, funny or frightening works of art that move, laugh, grow and always make people smile! The first half of this book features fun, friendly transitions, such as birds and butterflies, puppies and princesses, knights and night skies.

    Learn More
  • Book-Voodoo You Love Kit

    Book-Voodoo You Love Kit

    a two-sided doll (one male, one female) • kit with eight needles • book • mojo

    Learn More

    Regular Price: $14.95

    Special Price $13.46

  • Shock gum

    Shock gum

    The battery included in your shock gum pack is good for  thousands of shocks.

    Learn More

    Regular Price: $12.99

    Special Price $11.69



    Reaper of the dead hooded mask Darkened eye openings add to the horror Attached hood covers head and shoulders Learn More

    Regular Price: $44.99

    Special Price $40.49

  • Pea Can - Ickle Pickle

    Pea Can - Ickle Pickle

    This punny effect is sure to stun your spectators and adds a surprising twist to the end for a good laugh.

    Learn More
  • Casino Cube

    Casino Cube

    Casino Cube Classic cube puzzle Can you solve all 6 sides? You must get all of a like kind on each side at the same time Age 5+ Learn More
  • Spy Pen

    Spy Pen

    Listening device and ballpoint pen in one Learn More

    Regular Price: $12.99

    Special Price $11.69

  • Doll Eyes

    Doll Eyes

    These huge staring ocular wonders make you look just like one of those porcelain dolls that stares at you when you sleep in your grandma's guest room.

    Learn More
  • Rattlesnake eggs

    Rattlesnake eggs

    Startle your friends as they open the envelope and hear a rattlesnake rattle.

    Learn More
  • Fish candy

    Fish candy

    It taste fishy but harmless.

    Learn More

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25-36 of 200