Polaroid Money Outdone

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Polaroid Money Outdone


Mike Bornstein's Polaroid Money Outdone begins with four $1 bills. They're shown front and back. One of the dollar bills is replaced with a $5 bill. Suddenly all the bills change to $5 bills. Now one of the five-dollar bills is exchanged for a $10 bill, a moment later all the bills are $10 bills.

The Amazed spectators are immediately told that what they've just seen is not only impossible but probably illegal. With that in mind, the magician changes the bills back to $1 bills that are once again shown on both sides. 

Magic with paper money is perhaps the most appealing of all intimate close-up routines and Mike Bornstein has contributed more to that subject than anyone. His Polaroid Money Outdone is a startling packet trick type routine using real bills. Supplied with practice bills and a photo-illustrated routine, this visual magic that gets everyone's attention as the impossible happens at your fingertips.

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Additional Information

Name Polaroid Money Outdone
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