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Plexi Panel Pro


Magician or mentalist says he will read-the-mind of members of the audience.  Thinking of a color, a flower, a person & amount of money--he writes down his thoughts & displays them on the Plexiglas Panel.  They are revealed to be correct !  Plexi Panel Pro - Wood Perfect Mentalism Shocker! A Real Fooler of Magicians

EFFECT: the performer writes a prediction and folds it up, then clips it on a stand (see pic) at position #1. A city is named at random by a spectator, and the performer smiles in a self-satisfied way... A second prediction is written and clipped at position #2. A spectator now names a famous pop star. Again the performer nods in approval. Another third prediction is written and clipped at position #3, and a spectator reveals how much money he has in his wallet. Finally, a fourth prediction, placed at position #4, and a card is chosen. When the predictions are removed from the clips and read, they match every one of the spectator's choices!
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Additional Information

Name Plexi Panel Pro
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