Pea Can - Ickle Pickle

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Pea Can - Ickle Pickle


This effect is sure to stun your spectators and adds a surprising twist to the end for a good laugh.

A cork is removed from a small can and four types of peas drop on the table; one is chosen by a spectator.
Ask, “Would it be magic if the only thing that comes out is the pea you selected?”
All peas are put back into the can.
The spectator says, as instructed, “I want my pea!”
Cork is removed and warm water is poured into the spectator’s hand (which is mistaken as pee by the spectator).
Your audience will just groan with enthusiasm at how punny this trick is. 

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Additional Information

Name Pea Can - Ickle Pickle
SKU 02-3578

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