Parking Violation

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Parking Violation


Tired of people parking too close to you? Scare them with this life-like parking violation! This is sure to scare them!

You should get a parking violation for the way you parked. You are a bad driver, Plain and simple. You have violated one or more of the following regulations: 

___Parking your Vehicle Illegally (NSR 32)

___Parking a Filthy Vehicle on a Public Street (NSR2B3)

___Parking in a Handicap Zone, when you and I know you really aren't handicapped. (NSR222)

___Parking your vehicle selfishly so no-one else can park in the space next to you (NSR3)

Recommendation from the Courts:

  1. Go to Driver's education class
  2. Have your vision checked
  3. Sell your car and buy a bicycle to peddle your behind around town
  4. Think about how much time we have both wasted on this notice.
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Additional Information

Name Parking Violation
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