Packet Card Tricks

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Packet Card Tricks



Performance and instructional DVD.

Includes four tricks:

Mumble Jumble- Ten cards ranging from ace to 10 are fanned out. The alternate cards are removed and placed on top of the packet. When cards are fanned face up again they are seen to be back in their original order. FIve of the cards are removed, the remaining five are fanned to show 6,7,8,9, and 10. The tabled cards are inserted alternately between these five cards and when the cards are fanned, they are seen to be back in order ace to 10. Cards are dealt into tow alternate piles. one pile is picked up to show that this pile has rearranged themselves, 6,7,8,9, and 10. Now the big surprise is when the tabled cards are turned face up they contain a Royal Flush of an entirely different color.

Wild Card- Show eight cards are the same card, then one by one the wild ard changes all the other cards to the wild card

Two Card Monte- Only two cards are shown but the spectator guesses wrong every time! You always win.

Twisting the Aces- Four Aces are shown and turned face down. With a twist of the cards in hand, each ace appears to face up while the remaining three are face down. This repeats with all four aces and the cards look normal. 

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Additional Information

Name Packet Card Tricks
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