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  • Air Freshener Meow

    Air Freshener Meow

    We know that all cats are magic, but Meowlin the Wizard Cat is the most powerful kitty magician! In fact, Meowlin can change dogs into mice, shed on all your clothes while they’re still hanging in your closet and knock things off your kitchen counter with the power of his mind. Magic! Meowlin decorates this 4-3/4” tall grape-scented air freshener. String for hanging included.

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  • Slumber Party Dolls

    Slumber Party Dolls

    Every little girl at your slumber party will love these adorable yarn-haired dolls. Hide one of these dolls in every little girl's goody bag to give them a new friend to share at the party. Learn More
  • Floating Craps Postcard

    Floating Craps Postcard

    Send your family a floating craps illusion postcard from Las Vegas.

    Or you can keep it as a souvenir. 

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  • Harry Potter Wand

    Harry Potter Wand

    Exclusive item from the Harry Potter Universe.

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  • Book-Extreme Face Painting

    Book-Extreme Face Painting

    No matter what your experience level, you can turn everyday faces into sweet, funny or frightening works of art that move, laugh, grow and always make people smile! The first half of this book features fun, friendly transitions, such as birds and butterflies, puppies and princesses, knights and night skies.

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  • Book- DragonArt

    Book- DragonArt

    From the artist behind the wildly popular, DragonArt will help you create mythical beasts that awe, delight, and disturb the sweet dreams of little ones. Armed only with your trusty pencil and ink pen, you will begin your artistic quest by conquering a super-easy dragon that even the densest of wyvern could draw.

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  • Book-Arithmetricks


    Become a mental-math master and astound your friends, family, and teachers with. Arithmetricks: 50 Easy Ways to Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide Without a Calculator

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  • Book-Breaking Codes

    Book-Breaking Codes

    For anyone interested in the science of secrecy and clandestine codes, renowned puzzle whiz Pierre Berloquin has created a collection of colorful exercises that gives amateurs an opportunity to test their deciphering skills.

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  • Book-The Everything Ghost Hunting Book

    Book-The Everything Ghost Hunting Book

    With expert advice on everything from picking a haunted location to setting up cameras and dealing with unwieldy ghosts, The Everything Ghost Hunting Book, 2nd Edition shows you how today's investigators use the tools of modern science to study a wide range of paranormal activity. Learn More

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  • Book-Everything Kids Games&Puzzles

    Book-Everything Kids Games&Puzzles

    What's not to love about puzzles? Unlocking answers, solving mysteries, breaking codes--you're practically a super-spy and you haven't even left your house. Learn More
  • Book-Junk Mail Origami

    Book-Junk Mail Origami

    Never throw out junk mail again!

    Recycly junk mail into fantastic origami forms!

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  • Book-Voodoo You Love Kit

    Book-Voodoo You Love Kit

    a two-sided doll (one male, one female) • kit with eight needles • book • mojo

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