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  • Easy Balloon Animals

    Easy Balloon Animals

    Take a balloon and twist into a dog, giraffe or other animal or object.  Great fun for all ages.  

    Pump not included. 

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  • Change Bag

    Change Bag

    A classic magic utility item for vanishing, appearing and restoring items. Turn inside out to show it's completely empty. Then produce silks, or have cut rope pieces change into a single long rope, and more! One hand operation. Wood and cloth construction. Silks not included. Learn More
  • Nut Scape

    Nut Scape

    A magical puzzling escape that only the magician can perform.

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  • One for the Ladies

    One for the Ladies

    A card effect for the ladies of the audience. Learn More
  • Flower Box

    Flower Box

    The magician shows an empty bag to the audience, takes out a transparent and beautiful red flower box from the paper bag. Re-shows the empty paper bag, and gradually takes out a yellow flower box and blue box. A very simple and easy trick for young magicians! Learn More
  • Enchanted Spellboard

    Enchanted Spellboard

    Communicating with spiritual forces—ancestors, spirit guides, dreams, or inner wisdom—can lead to fascinating insights that change our lives for the better. The Enchanted Spellboard helps us connect, and receive those perceptive messages from the world beyond. Learn More
  • Book-Zodiac


    This introduction to Chinese and Western astrology puts the world—and the stars beyond—at your fingertips, allowing you to foretell the future, understand yourself and friends, read symbols, and interpret charts. Learn More
  • Spilled Mustard Packet

    Spilled Mustard Packet

    Details Oops! Watch out for the mess with fake spilled mustard. Plastic bag. 5" long.

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  • Secret Service Earbuds

    Secret Service Earbuds

    Play your sounds in secret with these seemingly standard-issue secret service earphones! They have the same translucent material as the real secret service earphones and have the same special coil to top off that great secret service look. Learn More
  • Spy Mirror

    Spy Mirror

    Pretend to be a spy with these spy mirror scopes. An angled mirror inside the scope allows you to look up to 90 degrees in the opposite direction. Learn More
  • Squirt Flower

    Squirt Flower

    A classic gag for any clown costume, the Squirting Clown Flower features a fake daisy with a small open from which a tube feeds to a red rubber squeeze that holds the water. Learn More
  • Glasses-Harry Potter

    Glasses-Harry Potter

    Iconic round eyeglasses to complete your Harry Potter costume. Learn More

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