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Bundle - Money

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Everybody loves money! So here's one of the best kits you can buy. It's stuff you can carry with you wherever you go in your wallet!

This bundle can include:
Paper to Money: You have several pieces of blank paper and with a snap of the fingers they all magically turn into actual money!
Dime and Penny: These coins do 30 tricks! You can make them disappear, change, and much more!
Slow Motion Bill Transposition:  This DVD teaches you 3 tricks. The main one being, you take 2 different bills of different values, fold them up into quarters, hand one to the spectator, you wave the other over their hand and it magically changes into the bill they were holding!  Also teaches you Topsy-Turvy bills where you make all the bills face the same way, and it teaches you Torn and restored bill. You take any bill, tear off a piece, and restore it back to its original self.



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Additional Information

Name Bundle - Money
SKU 02-3623

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