There are no special 'tricks' to this brainteaser. No hard to find breaks in the links or ring. Links and ring are solid without openings. Puzzle just requires a few clever moves to take the ring off. Some experience more of a challenge replacing the ring.

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  • Twisted Nail Puzzle

    Twisted Nail Puzzle

    The nails are twisted together but somehow, they can come apart! Give it a try!

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  • Ring and Chain Puzzle

    Ring and Chain Puzzle

    Drape the chain over your hand and drop the ring; the chain will magically catch the ring....but only if you know how! This is a great puzzle to baffle your family, friends & business associates.  A great conversation piece.  Give it a try!

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  • Bedspring Puzzle

    Bedspring Puzzle

    OBJECT OF PUZZLE - Remove ring from spring - both ends of spring welded.

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  • Pony Shoe Puzzle

    Pony Shoe Puzzle

    The challenge in this metal brain teaser is to separate the locked ring from the horseshoes, and then put it back together again Learn More
  • Horse Shoe Puzzle

    Horse Shoe Puzzle

    Boxed with a solution. Puzzle difficulty ratings are always VERY subjective. On a scale of 1 to 6 where 6 is most difficult, the Horseshoe Puzzle most closely rates a 3. Great for ages 6 to 106 years. Learn More
  • Ever Lock Box

    Ever Lock Box

    The magician opens the box and puts any borrowed item inside and closes the box. The box is then handed over to the spectator to retrieve his borrowed item. To his surprise, the spectator cannot open the box. A great conversation piece Learn More
  • Keep Calm Cube

    Keep Calm Cube

    Keep calm cube puzzle 2-3/4 inch Puzzle Cube

    Can you solve the puzzle? Just Keep Calm and Carry On and try to solve this new cube that is similar to that other famous "cube"! Learn More
  • Casino Cube

    Casino Cube

    Casino Cube Classic cube puzzle Can you solve all 6 sides? You must get all of a like kind on each side at the same time Age 5+ Learn More

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8 Item(s)