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  • Book-Math Puzzles

    Book-Math Puzzles

    Test, prod, and stretch your wits to the outer limits. Even if you’re extra clever, you might get stumped, but we guarantee you'll enjoy every minute of it! Sharpen your smarts on a combination of original puzzles, and classic teasers with new twists. Some have surprising answers, but none involve advanced math. Learn More
  • Book-Perplexing Puzzles

    Book-Perplexing Puzzles

    Here's a bonanza of 93 stimulating brainteasers, ideal for limbering and strengthening young mental muscles. Many of the puzzles are classics, while others are presented here for the first time. Ridiculous riddles, tantalizing teasers, intricate mazes, deceptive illusions, tricky questions, and a host of unusual word and picture puzzles offer young readers hours of challenging fun.

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  • Book-Everything Kids Games&Puzzles

    Book-Everything Kids Games&Puzzles

    What's not to love about puzzles? Unlocking answers, solving mysteries, breaking codes--you're practically a super-spy and you haven't even left your house. Learn More


    Kids love secret codes, and this book offers dozens of intriguing challenges with insights into U.S. history, geography, pop culture, and a host of other subjects. Learn More
  • Logic puzzles (Mental Floss)

    Logic puzzles (Mental Floss)

    If you love classic logic puzzles, you know how hard it is to find good ones. Thankfully, the folks at mental_floss--the popular trivia magazine

    Learn More
  • Book-Legendary logic puzzles

    Book-Legendary logic puzzles

    It's big. It's challenging. It's mind-bending fun! This enormous collection (400 pages!) of logic puzzles will keep super solvers occupied for hours.

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  • Book-Logic Puzzles

    Book-Logic Puzzles

    Keep your mind fit with brain aerobics!

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  • Book-Entertaining Mathematical Puzzles

    Book-Entertaining Mathematical Puzzles

    Only an elementary knowledge of math is needed to enjoy this entertaining compilation of brain-teasers. It includes a mixture of old and new riddles covering a variety of mathematical topics: money, speed, plane and solid geometry, probability, topology, tricky puzzles and more. Carefully explained solutions follow each problem. 65 black-and-white illustrations.

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  • Great Card Games For One

    Great Card Games For One

    Every one of these variations on solitaire—more than 100 of them—has something unique, intriguing, and challenging that makes it special to play. That's why they're the world's best. There are simple counting games, complex alternatives that demand complete concentration, and irresistible games that look absolutely super.

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  • Brain Games For Dummies

    Brain Games For Dummies

    Solve over 250 challenging puzzles to improve problem-solving skills and stimulate the brain.

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