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Puzzles & Mind Benders

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  • Twisted Nail Puzzle

    Twisted Nail Puzzle

    The nails are twisted together but somehow, they can come apart! Give it a try!

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  • Ring and Chain Puzzle

    Ring and Chain Puzzle

    Drape the chain over your hand and drop the ring; the chain will magically catch the ring....but only if you know how! This is a great puzzle to baffle your family, friends & business associates.  A great conversation piece.  Give it a try!

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  • Bedspring Puzzle

    Bedspring Puzzle

    OBJECT OF PUZZLE - Remove ring from spring - both ends of spring welded.


    Dimensions: 5" x 2"  

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  • Pony Shoe Puzzle

    Pony Shoe Puzzle

    Instructions included. Also available the Horseshoe puzzle. Learn More
  • Horse Shoe Puzzle

    Horse Shoe Puzzle

    Boxed with a solution. Puzzle difficulty ratings are always VERY subjective. On a scale of 1 to 6 where 6 is most difficult, the Horseshoe Puzzle most closely rates a 3. Great for ages 6 to 106 years. Learn More
  • Book-CIA Lock Picking

    Book-CIA Lock Picking

    In this volume, we will discuss not only the fundamental theories of lock picking but proper terminology, the importance of tool design (using the right tool for the right job). the effects of tolerances, and finally the techniques most commonly used by locksmiths to successfully pick the vast majority of standard pin and wafer tumbler locks.

    Field Operative Training Manual.

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  • Great Card Games For One

    Great Card Games For One

    Every one of these variations on solitaire—more than 100 of them—has something unique, intriguing, and challenging that makes it special to play. That's why they're the world's best. There are simple counting games, complex alternatives that demand complete concentration, and irresistible games that look absolutely super.

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  • Brain Games For Dummies

    Brain Games For Dummies

    Solve over 250 challenging puzzles to improve problem-solving skills and stimulate the brain.

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  • Crimebuster's Kit

    Crimebuster's Kit

    Get a head start on Christmas gifts! With our Crimebuster kit! 

    Ages 8 and up Learn More

    Regular Price: $32.99

    Special Price $29.69

  • Ever Lock Box

    Ever Lock Box

    The box is made up of good quality teak wood polished natural finish, with brass hinges and a clip in the front. Learn More

    Regular Price: $79.99

    Special Price $71.99

  • Puzzle-Coin Box

    Puzzle-Coin Box

    How do you open the box? Try your luck with this perplexing puzzle!

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  • Bill Puzzle

    Bill Puzzle

    A $1. bill, that has been cut into pieces, is placed together from the back view. But once it's turned over it needs one more big piece in the middle? Great trick! Learn More

    Regular Price: $12.50

    Special Price $11.25

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