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Mental Magic

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  • DVD-The Ultimate Sphinx

    DVD-The Ultimate Sphinx

    Excited to present The Ultimate Sphinx!
    2 disc set 1902- 1953 52 Volumes.
    Captured on DVD in color.

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  • Spirit Slate Magnetic

    Spirit Slate Magnetic

    These are terrific! In fact, we believe they are the finest set of magnetic locking slates you can see. Learn More
  • Mental Epic

    Mental Epic

    Make three predictions on a blackboard that is divided into six sections. Ask three questions and they match as if you read their minds! Learn More
  • Spy Glasses

    Spy Glasses

    Rear View spy glasses! See what is going on behind you.

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  • Paradox Box

    Paradox Box

    Let the spectator do all the work! A spectator will place an object into one of the brass containers. Amaze them by announcing which Paradox Box they chose. Learn More
  • Pea Can - Ickle Pickle

    Pea Can - Ickle Pickle

    This punny effect is sure to stun your spectators and adds a surprising twist to the end for a good laugh.

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  • X-act


    A brilliant card at any number effect! Easy to do! Instant Reset. Learn More
  • Wiregrams


    A card is selected and returned to the deck. A twisted piece of wire is shown and then placed into a candle flame. Slowly the wire forms itself into the shape of the card selected such as the AD (Ace of Diamonds), 3S (Three of Spades), etc. Very visual and easy to do. PLEASE NOTE: Magicians use only, inappropriate for children under the age of 16. Learn More
  • Psychic Escape

    Psychic Escape

    The spectator is asked to flip the colored discs over and mix them up, hiding the different colors. The spectator selects a disc and is asked to place all discs in the container. The container is sealed and a string is run through the center. Magically, the performer is able to make the selected disc escape from the string of discs and drop out of the chamber!

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  • Houdini's Message by Sidney H. Radner

    Houdini's Message by Sidney H. Radner

    A spectator signs a blank slate. The card is set aside. The spirit of Houdini returns to produce miracles. Correct answers to questions, numbers, predictions, etc. mysteriously appear on the other blank slate. No switches or sleight of hand. 

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  • The Phoenix on CD rom

    The Phoenix on CD rom

    The Complete Phoenix Magazine on CD ROM! Complete with Illustrations and searchable index!

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  • Select Secrets- A Varied Assortment

    Select Secrets- A Varied Assortment

    This is an assortment of magic effects the Dai Vernon thought would be great for any magician who needs an easy effect that impressive and easy to perform. Learn More

Grid List

Set Descending Direction

37-48 of 66