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Magician's Accessories

We have all the accessories a magician needs. Wax, specially prepared cards, tips, and every gimmick needed to perform the finest magic trick. Just call us and we will assist you.

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  • Close Up Pad Pro

    Close Up Pad Pro

    This close-up mat compresses easily for storage and offers the perfect surface for practice or performance. Learn More
  • Tetra Deck

    Tetra Deck

    Tetra Deck Bicycle - 4 Way Fanning Deck

    The most popular fanning deck in the world is back in stock! Made in Bicycle, this 4-color panel back deck allows for beautiful fanning patterns at the same time can be used as a regular deck. The Tetra Deck also contains several gaffed cards making your experience even more magical. 
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  • Close Up Pad

    Close Up Pad-Mini

    This is a great little close-up pad for if you do table hopping

    Learn More
  • Playing Card (Metal)

    Playing Card (Metal)

    Real Bicycle Metal SHEET CARD / gaffed magic cards

    Learn More
  • Mailbag Escape

    Mailbag Escape

    Need an added layer of escape to your escape routine. Lock yourself up and then lock yourself inside this bag! Learn More
  • Magic Wand Set with Book

    Magic Wand Set with Book

    You receive with this publication a pocket-sized seven-inch magic wand to perform the twenty-four wonderful effects!

    Learn More
  • Tricky Top Hat

    Tricky Top Hat

    A top hat is shown to be empty, then items magically appear! Produce any item that fits in the secret compartment! You can even pull a small rabbit out of the hat. Perform this great magic trick close up, surrounded, or even on stage! Learn More

  • Wand Shells

    Wand Shells

    THIS IS THE REFILL for the Vanishing Wand.

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  • Collapsible Top Hat- Black Adult

    Collapsible Top Hat- Black Adult

    The real thing.  A folding TOP HAT as used by magicians.  This Flashy Top Hat Bursts Open With A Loud Snap! Can be worn as a hat or used in your magic show.

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  • Casino Close Up Pad

    Casino Close Up Pad

    FINALLY! A close-up pad that a true pro can be proud of!

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  • Secret Cups

    Secret Cups

    Know where they hide the pawn every time. Learn More
  • Houdini Chain Escape

    Houdini Chain Escape

    Now you can perform an ESCAPE made famous by HOUDINI. A length of chain is examined along with a padlock. Spectator wraps the chain around the magician's wrists and fastens it shut with a padlock. PRESTO the Magician escapes and the padlock is still locked shut. Everything can be examined both before and after.
    Easy to do.

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Grid List

Set Descending Direction

13-24 of 38