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  • Airborne Cans

    Airborne Cans

    The performer pours out a drink from a Coke can into a clear tumbler. A sudden itch causes him to leave the tumbler, and it stays magically afloat in mid-air with the drink pouring in. We supply the special tumbler and gimmick, which can be used with any standard soda can. Learn More
  • Quarter Through Matches

    Quarter Through Matches

    Plastic block with an opening through the middle big enough for a quarter to pass through with three matches going in three holes on the top to prevent anything from passing through. Then mysteriously a quarter passes through without any stops. Learn More
  • Dynamic Quarters

    Dynamic Quarters

    Five coins appear to jump from one brass container to another. Then they pass through the solid brass before vanishing without a trace. OUT OF STOCK PLEASE CALL FOR AVAILABILITY Learn More
  • Floating Bill

    Floating Bill

    Fun and easy to do! The bill magically floats above your hand!

    Learn More
  • Houdini Trick Trunk

    Houdini Trick Trunk

    Lock up the money in this trunk that seeems impossible to open. Learn More
  • Money Mouth Coils

    Money Mouth Coils

    Each Mouth coil is 25' and they look like they're made out of $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills!. Amaze Your Audience As These Long, Money Coils Magically Appear From Your Mouth.

    Learn More
  • Sub Trunk

    Sub Trunk

    Used but in good condition

    The trunk can be examined by members of the audience and is locked and roped by them in all directions during the presentation. Any kind of lock can be used. The escape or substitution effect happens in the blink of an eye. A classic stage illusion.

    Learn More
  • Temple of Benares

    Temple of Benares

    This is a classic illusion built by Abbotts, and the quality really shows! Learn More
  • Dove Vanish

    Dove Vanish

    Used but in good condition. The Sucker Dove Vanish is a great illusion. You can take this apart and show the illusion empty. Take a Dove and place it into the box and make it vanish.

    Learn More
  • Houdini's Magic Jumbo Stocking

    Houdini's Magic Jumbo Stocking

    Some of our best sellers combined into one awesome bundle! Learn More
  • Magic Kit

    Magic Kit

    A stocking full of fun. Lots of tricks for everyone.

    Call for availability Learn More
  • Rising Business Cards

    Rising Business Cards

    Imagine you are attending a meeting and your business card rises up by magic! Supplied with secret gimmick and details instructions.  Easy to do. Great for magicians and salesmen. 

    Learn More

Grid List

Set Descending Direction

49-60 of 581