Magic Wand Set with Book

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Magic Wand Set with Book


The history of the magician's magic wand goes back as far as back as ancient times. Used for misdirection in many tricks the wand can also do many things like grow, shrink, pass through objects, stick to your hand, or even vanish and appear. You receive with this publication a magic wand to perform the twenty-four wonderful effects!

  • Sticky Wand
  • Tapping Wand
  • Wand Through Cup
  • Appearing Silk Handkerchief
  • Penetrating washer
  • Color Changing Wand
  • Rubberband Through Wand
  • The Card Stab
  • Double Trouble
  • Ghost Wand
  • E.Z. Vanishing Wand
  • Wand From Coin Purse
  • Basic Wand Spin
  • Wand Through the Spectator's Coat
  • Wand Through Table
  • Silky Surprise
  • The Vanishing Wand
  • Presto Change-O
  • Rising Ring
  • Wand From Playing Card Case
  • Rising Wand
  • Broken and Restored Wand
  • Split Image
  • Wand Through Tie
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Additional Information

Name Magic Wand Set with Book
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