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  • Book-Crimebusters


    Murders most foul, criminal capers, and miscellaneous mysteries: welcome to the world of wily logician Thomas P. Stanwick.
    Age Range: 10 - 14 years

    Grade Level: 5 - 9
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  • Making Paper Boats

    Making Paper Boats

    Water will never be the same again with this fun little kit! Learn More
  • Book-Nevadans


    Nevadans: The Spirit of the Silver State is a record of the state from the first explorers and emigrants through the major mining eras, through the years of the Great Depression and up to modern times. Articles in this book tell of Nevada’s entry onto the world’s stage, a story of luck, historical circumstances, and crafty promotion.

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  • Casino Cheating Devices and Techniques Of The American Gambler

    Casino Cheating Devices and Techniques Of The American Gambler

    Various Casino Cheating Devices are photographed and described and how it was used. Also included are devices that are no longer available to be photographed because they had been used, seized for trial and then destroyed. An attempt is made to include all of the devices, tools and/or methods. Learn More
  • Bundle-Card Tricks

    Bundle-Card Tricks

    This bundle has four of our most popular packet card tricks, Wild Card, Two-card Monte, Las Vegas Color Monte, Flipped Marked and Mirrored, and the book Card Control by Arthur Buckley

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  • Book-A Little Bit of Tarot

    Book-A Little Bit of Tarot

    Tarot cards can offer nuanced, personal readings even for beginners, helping us face the future, solve present-day problems, and better understand ourselves.

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  • Book-A Little Bit Of Dreams

    Book-A Little Bit Of Dreams

    Dreams are important links to our lives and can help us develop deeper self-understanding. Michaels draws on a lifetime of experience as a dream analyst and three degrees in psychology to lead you through the magical forest of dream interpretation

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  • A Presentist Path to World Peace

    A Presentist Path to World Peace

    A Presentist Path to World Peace presents an interpretation of experience which reconciles science and religion through recognition of Presentism as a valid, comprehensive worldview. Presentism is the belief that the present, now is the only reality.

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  • Book-Extreme Face Painting

    Book-Extreme Face Painting

    No matter what your experience level, you can turn everyday faces into sweet, funny or frightening works of art that move, laugh, grow and always make people smile! The first half of this book features fun, friendly transitions, such as birds and butterflies, puppies and princesses, knights and night skies.

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  • Book- DragonArt

    Book- DragonArt

    From the artist behind the wildly popular NeonDragonArt.com, DragonArt will help you create mythical beasts that awe, delight, and disturb the sweet dreams of little ones. Armed only with your trusty pencil and ink pen, you will begin your artistic quest by conquering a super-easy dragon that even the densest of wyvern could draw.

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  • Book-Arithmetricks


    Become a mental-math master and astound your friends, family, and teachers with. Arithmetricks: 50 Easy Ways to Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide Without a Calculator

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  • Book-Breaking Codes

    Book-Breaking Codes

    For anyone interested in the science of secrecy and clandestine codes, renowned puzzle whiz Pierre Berloquin has created a collection of colorful exercises that gives amateurs an opportunity to test their deciphering skills.

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