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Light & Heavy


Light & Heavy Chest A beautiful square Chest with a lid is resting on your table. The Chest looks like it belongs in your home up on a shelf with treasured collectibles. Have a spectator (no stooges) join you for a Light & Heavy experiment.

Some ideas for the Light & Heavy Chest:

World's Heaviest Hankey: place a box onto a smooth table and announce to the audience that in your hand is the World's Heaviest Hankey. Place the hankey inside the box and have a spectator try to lift the box. Open the box and pull the hankey out and easily lift the box to put it away. Baffling everyone!

Another fun thing to do with this effect that is good for kid's shows is to have an adult try and lift the box and be unable to then have one of the smallest kids of the group pick the box up without any problem. 

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Additional Information

Name Light & Heavy
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