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The World's Fastest Trick

A wallet is shown containing one playing card and two coins. The spectator is asked to pick a coin (example silver coin is chosen) leaving the brass coin in the closed wallet. The silver coin is placed on the top of the spectator's hand. The performer flicks the playing card over the silver coin and in an instant, the brass coin is on their hand. Inside the wallet is the silver coin!

The lethal quarter is the adaptation by Geno Munari. Geno realized that the average person doesn't carry around a U.S. Half Dollar (.50 Cent piece), but everyone has a quarter in their pocket and makes the trick more believable than the original Lethal Tender. When performing Lethal Quarter, the number one response from the spectator is "Do that again."

The effect is so amazing they can't believe what has happened.

Hope you will enjoy reading the various ways of presenting the 'World's Fastest Trick" Lethal Quarter. So don't blink don't look away or you just might miss the trick!

Here are just a few other tricks you can do with your Lethal Quarter Set:

Marked Coin Through Table: Spectator signs a quarter. The magician places the coin on top of a solid table. The magician "flicks" a card over the coin and the coin magically penetrates the table and drops into a class underneath!

Telepathic Quarter: A Quarter is shown then covered with the card case. With a wave of the hand, the card case containing the deck is lifted and the quarter has now changed into a Chinese coin the deck is removed from the case the quarter is now seen in the middle of the deck. The card below the half is found to be the selected card!

You will need to supply your own real Quarter (25 cent piece). Most banks will have this coin if asked.

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Additional Information

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