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Bundle - Kids Magic

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This great magic bundle comes with a variety of magic tricks put together, for maximum fun, and simple enough for a young aspiring magician! Exciting trick variations, all designed for ages six and up! Comes with the Houdini Magic Coloring Book, wand, and three of our top small tricks that are easy for a child to do.

Traditional Magic Wand - A simple black and white colorway, magic wand measures 10" inches long and 0.5" inch wide.

Magic Coloring Book: Show the blank outline pages of the Houdini Themed Coloring Book. Magically, when you flip through the pages again, they are colored. Do it one more time and the pictures disappear completely! A great trick for children's magic shows. Easy enough for four years old on up!

Some of the tricks that can be included, but not limited to.

Double Color Changing Hanky: Two scarfs, red & blue (connected together) are displayed and pulled through the magician's closed hand--they change by magic to yellow & green. One of the easiest to do. Colorful & fun.

Multiplying Rabbits: Two rabbits are shown in the hands, a Mama rabbit and a Papa rabbit. The magician places Mama and Papa rabbits into the spectator's hand and a whole family appears, Mama and Papa and five little baby bunnies. Teaches sleight of hand in an easy way for children to learn.

Coin Slide: Make a coin vanish, change, and reappear in the magic coin slide You place a nickel in the slot and slide it in the wood box It changes into a dime Also coins disappear and reappear.

Hot Rod: The magician shows a Plastic rod with six different colors on both sides. The spectator is asked to pick a number from one to six. The magician shakes the rod and all the colors change to the selected color!
Some Bundles have a few different items in them, depending on availability of the item.

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Additional Information

Name Bundle - Kids Magic
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