John Bannon "Impossibilia"

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John Bannon "Impossibilia"


John Bannon's Impossibilia

John Bannon is one of the most popular creators of close-up magic and his routines are regularly used by most professional and hobbyist magicians. If you don't have a John Bannon routine in your repertoire you are missing out on direct, visual and impossible close-up magic.

On this DVD John Bannon teaches the best routines from his best selling book Impossibilia: The Magic Of John Bannon. The routines taught on this program are currently being used by many of the leading close-up magicians. These are the routines that gave John a worldwide reputation. You will immediately add many of them to your working repertoire. 

Routines performed and explained:

  • Shriek of the Mutilated: A visual flash of a torn piece of cigarette paper. 
  • Play it Straight (Triumph): Bannon's Outstanding no-sleight triumph routine where all the cards are of the selected card's suit remain face up after three fair shuffles. 
  • Vacuum Packed: A quarter magically penetrates a small sealed glass bottle and is visually removed through its tiny opening.,
  • Directed Verdict: A spectator cuts the deck into four packets. The spectator turns the top card of each and shows them to be aces. 
  • Revolutionary Penetration: A Chinese coin is threaded and tied on a shoelace. The ace and coin are placed into a spectator's fist and impossibly separate.
  • Return of the Magnificent Seven: Seven duplicate cards are shown and a card is selected. Each and every one of the duplicates now changes into the selected card. Everything is examinable. 
Plus performances and explanations to: Strangers' Gallery, One is the Onliest, Shock Treatment, HEart of the City, The Birnman Revelation, Shanghai Surprise, and Photologic. Also explained are the many techniques used to accomplish these miracles. 
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Name John Bannon "Impossibilia"
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