It's a Racket

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It's a Racket


The Snares, Gyps, Swindles, and Frauds that separate you from your money.

You Never Met a Racketeer?

Don't be too Sure!

The Smartest racketeers long ago threw away their pin-striped suits. Now they dress like the little guys who offer you something special.

  • Expert reweaving of frayed fabrics.
  • Free samples from local stores.
  • Assistance in national puzzle contests.
  • Gifts for referring new customers.
  • Cut prices for branded merchandise
Today's racketeers don't fight for beer territories in Chicago. They can pocket more money "legitimately" in your neighborhood fleecing you and other Middle-Class Americans. This book tells you exactly how over 150 kinds of swindles are operated. Your eyes will be opened -- and the leak in your wallet plugged up!
About the Author: 
Maurice Beam resides in Long Beach, California and is a staff writer for the Los Angeles Times. As well as publishing several novels in hard covr he ha contributed short stories, novelettes and special features to such publication as the Saturday Evening Post, Harper's, Esquire, Collier's, This Week, Argosy and many more.
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Name It's a Racket
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