How You Are Cheated at Dice

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How You Are Cheated at Dice


All of the latest secrets of cheating explained for the first time in print!

It is generally suspected that deception is practiced in gambling and while much has been written concerning it, nowhere has there been a straightforward exposition of the methods employed, so that the reader can recognize them in action.

Experts have given us the benefit of their knowledge which in most cases has amounted to disclosures of highly colored adventure with vague assertions that certain devices were employed. 

If the intention of the articles was to entertain, there is a possibility that they have served their purpose. But in the whole repertoire of such literature, there has been no clear-cut explanation of the way things are done. 

We have eliminated what is usually the bulk of other works on the subject of gambling -- Including historical background, rules of the game, statistics, anecdotes, memoirs, and moral admonitions-- the sooner to get to the consideration of the exact devices by which advantage is taken, so that you may understand and protect yourself against them. 

In this series coving the principle gambling games, you are given the facts in such a way that you will understand the methods and be able to instantly recognize the principal forms of cheating now in use. 

If you play or if you have friends who play, you cannot afford to be without this information.

It Will Save You a Fortune!

Paperback: 15 pages with 12 illustrations
1st Published: Kingston (1951) 
Author: Willard King

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Name How You Are Cheated at Dice
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