Houdini's Pocket Magic Set

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Houdini's Pocket Magic Set


Houdini's Magic presents the Pocket Magic Set. A great set that is filled with tricks that can fit inside your pocket. 
  • The Magic Signal- The Magic Signal turns RED then back to Green upon your command!
  • Penny's Magical Block-The magician shows a penny and places it on the table. He also introduces a red magic block. Tapping the penny with the block instantly changes it into a dime! The dime can be handed around for examination at the conclusion of the effect. No sleight of hand necessary. Learn it in minutes
  • The Spiked Coin- Magically push eight plastic spikes right through a borrowed coin.
  • Multiplying Rabbits -The magic that happens in the spectator's hands! The magician places two large sponge rubber rabbits in a spectators hands. And true to their nature, when the spectator opens their hand, the rabbits are seen to have multiplied. Four cute "baby" rabbits make their appearance in the spectator's hand at this point. Easy to do. Supplied complete with all rabbits and detailed instructions.
  • Psychic Die- Have a number selected off the dice and placed into the sealed containers. The magician magically knows the number you picked
  • Houdini Paddle - Show a paddle with a picture of Houdini locked in a cage on both sides and have Houdini escape the cage by showing a picture of him with an open lock
  • Coil and Ring- Solve the puzzle by removing the ring from the coil!
  • Three Shell Game- The old Three Shell Game, famous gambling swindle played on the streets of every major city. You get the three shells, imitation pea(s) and detailed instruction so you can win every time. Learn how to entertain people with this fascinating item instead of cheating them out of their money.


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Additional Information

Name Houdini's Pocket Magic Set
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