Houdini's Magic Show Set

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Houdini's Magic Show Set


The Houdini Magic Show set contains some of the most popular starter tricks.
You get the 5" Linking Rings, Chinese Sticks, Houdini Chain Escape, Cut and Restored Rope, Mini Zombie Floating Ball, and a nice case to store everything in.

  • 5" Linking RingsThe classic Chinese Linking Rings are now made to near perfection in this complete 8 ring set. The seams in rings are almost impossible to find.
  • Chinese Sticks- Classic magic! Simple to do! The two tassels move up and down as if by magic! The audience suspects they know how the magic is done, however a surprise ending reveals that they were wrong! Includes written instructions and DVL..
  • Cut and Restored RopeThe magician takes a length of rope and shows it whole. They then make a loop in the rope and cuts in two with a pair of scissors. He then takes the two new loose ends and ties them in a knot. After wrapping the ropes around his hand the knot has disappeared and the rope is restored.  
  • Mini Zombie- The performer covers a silver ball with a beautiful cloth (supplied). The performer holds onto the cloth by the corners. Like magic, the ball begins to float underneath the cloth seemingly on its own! Next, the ball appears on top of the cloth then drops back down as if it has a life of its own.
  • Houdini Chain Escape- Now you can perform an ESCAPE made famous by HOUDINI. A length of a chain is examined along with a padlock. Spectator wraps the chain around the magician's wrists and fastens it shut with a padlock. PRESTO the Magician escapes and the padlock are still locked shut. Everything can be examined both before and after.
    Easy to do.
  • Al Baker's Book 1Al Baker's Book on magic contains his classics from 1933: The Pack That Cuts Itself, Self Unknotting Handkerchief, The Matchmakers, The Finger Points, Fell My Pulse, A Card and a Number, Al Baker's Rising Cards, The Impossible Card Discovery, The One Man Lights Up Seance, Al Baker's Addition Trick, Another Rope Is Cut, Al Baker's Biller Mystery, Al Baker's Pet Hat Trick, The Al Baker Wrist Tie, Cards of Thought, Say When.
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Additional Information

Name Houdini's Magic Show Set
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