Houdini's Magic Jumbo Stocking

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Houdini's Magic Jumbo Stocking


This set comes with some of our best sellers!

This set contains:

  • UFO - with DVL Link and book! This is the ultimate floating device! Five to ten minutes of practice you can move things across the table and lift an item to your hand. In about half an hour to an hour, you can spin a card from hand to hand. Try our finest close-up/standup effect that you can use to float cards, coins, candy, and just about anything under the weight of a half dollar!
  • Spirit Lights - with DVL link and book! The amazing new U.S. Patented product called Houdini Spirit LightsTM is probably one of the most visual and acts enhancing props that you can have in your magic arsenal! A red light appears, disappears, and changes places by magic. Easy to do. Requires no skill. One size fits all. 1 light for each hand total of 2 in the package. Book and DVL link included. Follow instructions on the link.
  • The Cut and Restored Tope Trick: The magician takes a length of rope and shows it whole. They then make a loop in the rope and cuts in two with a pair of scissors. He then takes the two new loose ends and ties them in a knot. After wrapping the ropes around his hand the knot has disappeared and the rope is restored.  

You save by buying this set!


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Additional Information

Name Houdini's Magic Jumbo Stocking
SKU 02-2384

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