Horse Shoe Puzzle

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Horse Shoe Puzzle


The horseshoe brainteaser puzzle has been around for many hundreds of years. It still baffles and perplexes many when they first see it. How is it possible that a metal ring can be removed from a solid object that it larger at both ends. ??? Most are amazed when they see it done.

This is a rugged metal brainteaser constructed from real horseshoes, welded metal links, and a strong metal ring. Puzzle measures approximately 13 inches long when laid flat on a table. The width of horseshoes is approximately 4 1/2 inches. Horseshoes painted with black epoxy latex.

There are no special 'tricks' to this brainteaser. No hard to find breaks in the links or ring. Links and ring are solid without openings. Puzzle just requires a few clever moves to take the ring off. Some experience more of a challenge replacing the rin

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Additional Information

Name Horse Shoe Puzzle
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